At Prosperity, we're your professional financial team, and we are here to help make your financial goals a reality. Founded by Michele Blanchard, Jacqueline Endlich, Jennifer Patten, and Kristina TenEyck, we’re in the business of putting people’s minds at ease when it comes to their money. 

We think we’ve got the best jobs in the world. We help people work toward the goals they cherish—and we love doing it. Every day, there’s yet another reward that keeps us coming back to work enthusiastically, such the relief and confidence in our clients’ faces when they realize their money is working effectively for them or hearing that they can sleep easier because they’re not worrying so much about the future. We especially enjoy getting postcards from clients who are on their dream vacations and just wanted to say, “Hi.” 

We hope you’ll give us the chance to help you target your dreams.