Money means different things to all of us. And what colors our attitudes toward it, or what we want from it, is a highly selective thing. 

That's why, at Prosperity, LLC, we make it our priority to get to know you as a person. Not only do we want to provide you with a complete course of action, but we also enjoy working for people we like. 

After we complete the initial process of setting up your comprehensive financial plan, we'll monitor your progress towards achieving your financial goals. And we'll meet regularly with you to make sure your investments reflect your current life circumstances. 

Because we work so closely with you, we tend to think of our clients as our friends. So don't be surprised if you ever get a phone call from us just to say, "Hi."

Outline of Services

I.      Presentation of Services
         a. Services we offer access to

  • Asset Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • College Planning
  • Financial Analysis through divorce
  • Insurance Planning including Long Term Care
  • Consulting Services

        b. How we differ from most of our competitors

  • Customized asset allocation for each client
  • Greater individualized attention through client:planner ratio
  • Team approach—tap into the expertise of all four partners
  • Willing to explore all investment vehicles
  • More sensitive to cost incurred by the client

        c. Fees for service

  • Portfolio management fee (calculation based on percentage of assets: 1% maximum) OR
  • Consulting services at $250 per hour

II.     Market Research/Expertise

         a. Prosperity, LLC

  • In-depth investment selection process

        b. Commonwealth Financial Network

  • Market and investment research
  • Economic commentary

III.   Specific Investments

         a. Load and no-load investments

         b. Annuities where appropriate

IV.   Client Service

         a. Semi-annual or quarterly reviews (based on your preference)

         b. Online access to your accounts